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Located in Atlanta, EYStudios is a full-service, US-based team of designers, developers, and account managers. We thrive on real, personal relationships that can't be achieved via automated ticketing systems. Our clients depend on us to make their eCommerce businesses functional and profitable, and we take that seriously (while still having a lot of fun).

We're seriously passionate about what we do.

We're not about making sites pretty -- we're about making them profitable. That's why our processes are built around data-driven, pixel-perfect methodology that results in drawing your customers into an immersive experience. Most online stores simply list products -- an EY store merchandises and promotes in a way your competitors never will.

Look past the hype at our results.

Of course we have to hype ourselves on our website, but the cool thing is -- we're more than hype. With over 12 years of creating hundreds of eCommerce storefronts, you can see for yourself how drastic a difference an EY vision achieves. And after all, our clients make the best hype-machines.
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EYStudios does a better job understanding a brand and delivering a brand experience to consumers than anyone I have ever worked with in the eCommerce space.
Greek Gear
Before we used to just list products, now we promote them!
We have pushed the features and options on our site to the limit and have created a much better customer experience; all things I never knew were possible before we handed over the keys to Eric and his team at EYStudios!
Joe Tantillo
Greek Gear
I've worked with Eric and the EY team for a few years now. And...
When they say "Our team becomes an extension of your team" - they mean it!
I'm constantly in contact with Eric about new site promotions and features. The team provides expert advice on ways that I can improve my site.
James Stylin
There's a reason why EYStudios is consistently ranked as the #1 Web Developer to Internet Retailer's* Small Business Merchants.
*From 2013-2015, EYStudios is listed as having design and developed more of its 2nd 500 Merchants than any other privately-held web development firm.
The team at EYStudios thrives on strategic brand development that results in memorable customer experiences and increased sales for our clients. Thousands of “generalist” design firms generate flimsy, cookie-cutter templates. EYStudios is a true specialist in conversion optimization and tailored usability. Rather than just offering up a theoretical solution, our team of talented designers and programmers get the actual job done, with experience on a variety of hosted eCommerce platforms such as Aabaco, Bigcommerce, Magento and more.