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The eCommerce Experience Experts.

EYStudios is best at creating eCommerce experiences that will delight your customers and run circles around your competition. While ordinary stores simply list product, an EY design sells the product through pro-active merchandising and cutting-edge usability. Whenever a customer encounters your brand, whether it’s on your store, in your marketing, or even when they open up the box of stuff they ordered from you—we want to lead that experience.

Founded in Starkville, MS
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You’ve Come to The Right Place

You’re working with leaders who love to serve. The whole point of leadership is to establish a vision. When you work with us, we’ll help you accomplish what you cannot achieve on your own. If you trust us, we’ll lead you to where you want to go.

What Makes EYStudios Unique?

Culture is important. Without it, EYStudios would be just another blip on the agency map. When there’s buy in from everyone involved, that’s when you get something special.
EY was founded on Christian values extending to work excellence and the ethical treatment of others. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to serve so many online merchants.
What would a company be without their people? Housing a diverse group of talented individuals, EYStudios cultivates excellence inside it’s walls.

Our Humble Beginnings

Eric Yonge and his wife Gina started EYStudios in 2004 in a very small rental house in Starkville, MS. Combining Gina’s entrepreneurial experience and Eric’s creative gifts, they grew the company to include a full team of designers, developers, and account managers. In 2010, the entire company moved with us to a large office in Atlanta, GA.

Awards & Accolades

EYStudios is passionately devoted to the idea of design-driven sales. By doing our due-diligence up front, we can craft the best experience for your customers by melding curated analytics with top-shelf design.
Magento Professional
Magento Professional Solution Partner
The Communicator Awards – Award of Distinction
The Communicator Awards – Award of Excellence
Magento Certified
Magento Certified Developers
Internet Retailer
Internet Retailer #1 Website Designer
2013 – 2015

Leadership Within EYStudios

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. These individuals embody every aspect of managerial know-how and technical prowess that further enables them to power the rest of the EYStudios team.
Eric Yonge
Eric YongeCEO/Creative Director
Jay Brimberry
Jay BrimberryCOO
JT Hammon
JT HammanDirector of Brand Development
Charles Estes
Charles Estes Head of Production
Sean Callihan
Sean CallihanDirector of Business Development
Meagan Bryson
Meagan Bryson Director of Client Services