EY Analytics

EY doesn’t have an analytics department-
We have a team!

At EY, we realize that what we develop has to be guided by data as well as creative intuition.
Our culture is made up of people with a variety of perspectives and talents who work together to produce tailored solutions for our clients.

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We care about your numbers as much as you do.

Our methodology is built on collaborating with you to develop goals for your store.
Our 3-step process saves you time, allowing you to work on other aspects of your business:
Develop the plan
Present the plan
Run the plan
Develop the plan!
The EY team will examine your traffic and how users are interacting with your site. We’ll then get together to brainstorm on the best course of action.
Present the plan!
From improving on what’s already working to mowing down your conversion killers, we’ll present an objective strategy on what we’d like to do next.
Run the plan!
Once you’ve bought into what we’ve discussed, it’s time for our designers and developers to go to work— delivering the world-class user experience your store deserves.

Our team is ready to unlock your site’s potential! Talk to an EY Analyst today.